Are you feeling down or overwhelmed? Do you feel paralyzed by relationship issues or parenting concerns? I can help. As a counselor, I have successfully helped individuals with depression and anxiety; couples with communication and infidelity; and parents struggling with bonding and discipline. I can help you accentuate what is working and provide information for struggles holding you back from your potential.

If you are struggling with a difficult child, I will empower you. If your relationship is causing heartache, I will teach you connection and communication skills. Counseling can make the difference in your relationships.  If depression or anxiety is limiting your potential, we will work together to help you find hope. My faith in you will help you make the changes you seek.

I would be honored to help you at our Eagan location. Take the first step and call me to schedule an appointment.  I look forward to hearing from you.  (952) 808-6848.  Or by email: 

Unfortunately, Jessica is currently not taking any new patients at this time.

Information about Jessica:

Professional Experiences

  • Private practice
  • Behavior specialist consultant-created behavior plans in the school and home for children 3-17 years old
  • Individual and couples counseling for adults
  • Family and individual counseling for children
  • Adoption specialist for both infants and older children
  • Mental health support to dialysis patients
  • Parenting groups, domestic violence groups, parenting workshops and groups
  • Taught couples and family therapy to students preparing to be therapists at Case Western Reserve and University of St. Thomas